Mobility Stick Care Guidelines

  • We recommend you do not expose your Mobility Sticks to prolonged extreme temperatures as this may compromise the structural integrity of the sticks.
  • Do not leave your Mobility Sticks inside your vehicle in hot temperatures as this can cause unwanted bending of the sticks.
  • Store your sticks either upright or if horizontal support the stick at each end and in the middle to avoid potential bending over time.
  • When flexing the stick, such as in the Bow & Arrow drill, we recommend spinning the stick after each rep so you don’t always bend the stick in the same direction to maintain the stick’s shape over time.
  • One objective with Stick Mobility exercises is to create tension by flexing the stick. Although rare, excessive over-flexion of the stick can result in stick damage and breakage. The sticks are built with a custom blend of materials designed to achieve a specific balance of flex and strength. Excessive over-flexion is not part of the training exercises and not required to achieve the benefits of the system.
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