The Beginner’s Fundamentals Series takes you through the foundational movements of the Stick Mobility system. It includes individual warm-up instructional exercises and a series of beginners’ workout videos that link multiple drills together. For more of these workouts check out our full playlists on YouTube

Bow and Arrow Drill

The Monkey Hang Drill

Thoracic Spine “Slap Shot” Drill

Hip Articulation Warm-Up

Foot and Ankle Warm-Up

Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder Warm-Up

Shoulder Warm-Up

Spine Articulation Warm-Up

Hamstring Stretch Drill

Standing Plank Drill

Romanian Deadlift Drill

10-Minute Full-Body Warmup Mobility Workout

10-Minute Full-Body Short Stick Warmup

10-Minute Full-Body Long Stick Warmup 

30-Minute Full-Body Beginner Workout

Stick Mobility Safety and Stick Care

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