Stick Mobility New Zealand Ambassadors

Jamie Williamson


Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Westlake Boys High School.

Hey team, my name is Jamie Williamson, I am the current Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Westlake Boys High School. Alongside my school commitments and responsibilities, I have recently finished my S&C work with the NZ Warriors as I endeavour to continue to grow my own fitness business, Rise NZ. 

Growing up, I was heavily immersed in sport and saw the massive benefits of being active, and frankly, just moving. Movement has developed into a massive passion of mine and has driven me to open a space and growing platform which educates those in our local communities to feel more comfortable moving in their daily lives. 

Stick Mobility is an incredible tool friendly for everybody; from someone part of the general population with a desire to improve overall flexibility, strength, and coordination. To an athlete exploring different ways to enhance physical performance. Since becoming an accredited coach in 2020, I have been amazed by the Stick Mobility system, and encourage those around me to incorporate it into their daily routines. 

Andrew McCrory

Ultra Marathon Runner

I have been running Ultra Marathons for 2 1/2 years with distances from 100km to 160km.  I recently ran the equivalent length of New Zealand over Christmas and New Years 2021/2022.  This was an epic mission of an average of 50km per day for 40 days totally 2060km approximately.  I raise money for kids with Cerebral Palsy and have raised over 60 thousand dollars so far.  Something I am really slack with being a runner is my mobility.  I have found since using Stick Mobility my running has improved as of course has my mobility.


Malin Zachau

I am a medically retired doctor with a rare genetic skeletal muscle condition which has caused me much muscle atrophy and loss of strength.  This has meant that finding the right form of exercise, just to keep me moving is essential.
Too often strength and mobility are used interchangeably, they should not.  Each has its own role to play in keeping us upright and moving, regardless of age or athletic ability.  The opportunity that Stick Mobility brings to keeping me moving and able to do as much as possible is exciting.  I have developed the skills to interpret all the super-athletic moves and create a modified program that will give me the best results and I look forward to sharing these with you.
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